If the game seems to be running ridiculously fast try downloading the executable, there seems to be a frame rate issue with higher refresh rate monitors.

Try to get as big a combo as possible
Killing enemies in specific ways unlocks powerups
Try to unlock them all at once
You lose your combo by:
- Missing a shot
- Getting hit by an enemy
- Taking too long to get a kill
- Letting too many enemies escape

Mouse to move and left button to shoot
or press c to switch to keyboard controls:
WASD/arrow keys to move
Space to shoot

Made by reBTF for the One Mechanic Game Jam


1.2 - Tweaked enemy spawn rate
        - Fixed bug to do with split shot crashing the game when the original shot was destroyed before the split shots
        - Stopped homing shot from targeting enemies behind it

1.1 - Added HTML5 version
        - Added popup telling you what your combo was when you lost it

1.0 - Initial release

Install instructions

Download and install relentlessCombo1.1.exe


relentlessCombo1.2.exe 2 MB
relentlessCombo1.1.exe 2 MB
relentlessCombo1.0.exe 2 MB


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Yeah, the html5 version was way too fast. Felt like a much better game concept once it was slowed down in the .exe. I feel like it could've been even more slow, at the beginning at least.

Great job!